All Pakistan Music festival to start on 21st

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November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017
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All Pakistan Music festival to start on 21st

LAHORE: The 59th All Pakistan Music Festival will start on November 21 organized by the Pakistan Music Conference at Open-air Theater here.

Singers and musicians from all over the country will participate in the festival.

Dr Ghazala Irfan, the chief organiser of the festival said competitions would be held on the first day among students and non-professionals while ‘Gharano ki Meras’ will be conducted among professional singers and musicians on the second day.

Folk songs and semi classical songs will be held on the third day while pure classical music even would be held on fourth day.

She said a prize giving ceremony would be held on the fifth day

Late Hayat Ahmad Khan had started the music festival 59 years ago

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